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It’s been over 1 year since I assembled my final developer workstation setup. Was it a worthy investment? You bet it was! It has been used virtually every day during the past year and I have hammered it with AAA rated gambling titles, aswell as a great deal of C# MVC development work. Using multiple Visual Studio windows, Visual Studio Code and also Adobe Illustrator it barely broke a sweat. Allow me to take you through how I assembled it and also my thought process behind choosing all the individual parts. When I bought my house, one of my requirements was space for an office. At least that is what I told my spouse. I knew it was to be a’Games Room’ having a few occasional work happening in there. The new house had a few spare bedrooms so I reserved one! My wife reserved yet the other for the dressing room, so it was a reasonable deal. After I’d sorted the space issue out, my next thought turned to what will I’m using the PC for? I knew I’d be doing development work and normal online browsing, mails etc.. I could not call it the ULTIMATE Developer Workstation installation if that’s all I was going to use it for. When I am not working I want to do some gaming aswell. The PC needs to be powerful Best Laptop for Overwatch – CodeWithMike enough to do . If you’d like to game on a notebook, I have written a similar post selecting the best laptop for overwatch. It will provide you a fantastic understanding of what laptop you will need if you wish to play with AAA rated matches. It is going to also manage dev operate comfortably. I have detailed the parts below and added all of the Amazon links so that you may find them easier. The First Part I chose was the situation. To possess the PC on top of my desk, I knew I could not place a full form factor tower onto it, it had to become Micro ATX and that I definitely wanted it to be trendy with a clear panel on both sides. To begin with that I looked at some completed assembles on PCPARTPICKER for inspiration. The inspiration surfaced when I saw the Cooler Master Lite it illuminates each of the boxes. Clear Panel and MicroATX. I forgot the best part, it’s really really cheap for a case of the design also. RAMI knew from my work PC which I’d want at least 16GB of RAM to have the ability to run Visual Studio and compile massive projects. Gaming was on the cards, which it’d need to be fast! I opted for dual the 16GB and went for 32GB of all DDR4 RAM