what goes on whenever his wife walks away on him without offering any explanation?

Masood Mohammed Yaqub stumbled on Asia being a refugee from Afghanistan in 2013 for a far better life and settled straight down in Delhi together with his spouse and kids.

Hyderabad: just What takes place whenever a man wakes up from their sleep each morning to a house that is deserted? What goes on whenever his wife walks down on him without offering any explanation? And what the results are if the guy realizes that their house, it, changed because of another man as he knew?

One thing comparable took place to Masood Mohammed Yaqub whom stumbled on Asia as being a refugee from Afghanistan in 2013 for a much better life and settled down in Delhi together with his spouse and kiddies. Settled in Gurugram by having task, Yaqub, recently, happens to be located in Hyderabad.

Just exactly What led Yaqub to Hyderabad from Gurgaon?

In 2015, Yaqub woke up one to find that the house was empty and his wife and children were nowhere to be seen morning. He had been traumatised and attempted frantically to locate her until 1 day, he got a lead four months ago and discovered down that Niloufer, their wife has eloped with a person in Hyderabad. Whenever he got the news of their spouse being romantically involved in another guy, Yaqub journeyed to Hyderabad. He had been maybe maybe maybe not about to reconcile using the spouse. He had been about to legally divorce her and simply take the custody of their kiddies.

On Thursday, Niloufer, also an Afghan nationwide, was traced by Cyberabad authorities with the aid of Yaqub. Police additionally confiscated A aadhaar that is fake and ID that has been under her title.

Following the authorities discovered her, Masood recalls the time she abandoned him and fled together with three young ones Imran, Ghezal and Shaboob. Niloufer left him a page where she stated that she’s got made a decision to go on to Canada together with her moms and dads. Yaqub has ever since then contacted agencies and police that are local Delhi and back in Afghanistan embassies to locate their household.

An acquaintance from Afghanis, residing in Hyderabad, called Yaqub to inform him which he had seen his spouse in Tolichowki. Following the call, Masood visited Hyderabad also to seek assistance contacted Golconda authorities. After per week of reporting the situation utilizing the authorities, Yaqub ended up being informed that Niloufer is presumably hitched a regional man called Jalaluddin Akbar.

“My wife is coping with a man that is indian divorcing me personally. We arrived to learn she even offers youngster from her relationship. I will be perhaps not certain whether or not they are hitched, however if it is real i do want to lawfully divorce her and take my young ones house,” Masood reported in a page to your Afghanistan embassy.

Yaqub was at fortune whenever Akbar’s spouse called him and alerted him that their spouse happens to be sticking with Akbar in Rajendranagar. Law enforcement inspector G Suresh told the right times of Asia they own found Niloufer along with his young ones. An incident happens to be registered against Niloufer for cheating and forgery as she had identity that is fake inside her title.

In a twist to your situation, Masood received a call from Akbar’s spouse, whom alerted him that Niloufer happens to be residing in Rajendranagar with Akbar. View days Now LIVE television for latest and breaking news from Asia and across the world.

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