Comment Pirater Unltd

Comment Pirater Unltd is a simple and free to use antivirus program for the UNIX-based platforms. It is available both as a free download from the internet, and also as a shareware or free demo version for testing on your computer. The main features of the software are its anti-spyware and anti-virus features. It scans all incoming and outgoing email and notifies you about any viruses in real time.

With this anti-spyware program, you can be rest assured that your privacy and information are safe even while using an email account. It is very easy to use and navigate. It requires no knowledge of html or PHP to run and is simple to install and run. It is available in various languages, including German and English. There are some basic options which control the number of email forwards, the date and time stamping of messages and block lists. You can create your own list of email addresses which can be used by other people to send you unasked bulk mails.

It does not have any special abilities and can be used to scan all incoming and outgoing mail folders. It has a built-in junk file remover that prevents deleted files from being saved again. It has a broadcast message filter that controls whether or not you receive any pop-up messages or banners. The built-in translator allows you to speak the languages that are spoken on the UNIX-based systems you use. It is suitable for the usage in the business or commercial sector as it can be used both as a server and client.

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