Comment VOIR Les Sms D’Un Autre Portable – An Alternative to Mobile Phones?

Comment VOIR Les SMS D’Un Autre is one of the latest SMS marketing applications available in the French mobile market. The software allows the user to send any amount of text messages to any number within the area code. The technology is a simple one which uses the AT SIM card that is provided by most postpaid and prepaid telephone users in France. The machine operates on the basis of the ‘text and talk’ principle, which enable one to talk and then send SMS to any number. One simply needs to register with this online application, input the phone number where text and image messaging services are to be used and click the send button.

The Comment VOIR Les SMS D’Un Autre portable machine accepts tokens or credits and can hold up to nine mobile phone numbers. The tokens or credits are rechargeable through the credit or debit card and can be purchased online via the website of the company. One needs to log in to the site, select one’s preferred handset and enter the twelve digit telephone number where text and image messaging is to be used. When a message is sent, it is automatically sent to the concerned mobile phone. Messages can also be saved in the memory of the unit and can be referred to at a later date.

The process is simple and one does not need to stand in long queues waiting to send messages. Moreover, one can stay in touch with friends and relatives whom one does not always have access to. For instance, if a business client in France has purchased a new mobile phone, he can use the text service and send messages to his associate using this same handset. It is also possible to send a message to multiple people with different phone numbers from one single location. Thus, if one is away from home but needs to send text messages to his family, this facility makes it possible.

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