How Alpi Espion Android Navigation System Works

If you are looking for a mobile phone with the latest technologies installed in it, the Alpi Espion Android application might be what you are looking for. It is being developed by Hydro Graphics S.A., the company that has been making award-winning LCD displays for over 35 years now. They are also responsible for developing some of the best video games to come out of Spain and other European countries.

The Alpi Espion Android Distance App is a new product that will allow users to control their Google Maps from their smart phones. This is done by installing the GPRS compatible Alpi Espionner on the user’s phone and then entering their home address and the code which are found inside the document that comes along with the package. The tool will then use this information to send the person’s location via text message to the Alpi Espionner. In this way, they can get real time updates on their location at all times without having to carry around a bulky laptop or PDA. Users will be able to see where their vehicle is while on the road as well as check on their latest shipment in the post office or grocery store.

The Alpi Espion is also one of the first mobiles phones in Spain with full QWERTY keyboard access. The phone allows the user to perform standard function keys such as dial, call, send, email, and play music. As such, it is great that this unique application will give any business a boost with new clients as well as increase the number of returning customers.

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