How To: Important Tricks On Microsoft News On Android You May Not Know Exist (With Screenshots).

You cannot choose the source of the articles, just the topics you want to see. Create a new tab by clicking on the “+” sign at the top of your browser or by pressing Ctrl + Microsoft News latest version download T. Removing this option from the Start page, however, does not change anything with the new tab page. To change this, follow similar steps as you did to disable the articles on the Start page; you’re just doing it in a new tab. There are also some other settings you can change here that you couldn’t change for the Start page. To disable these articles on Edge’s Start page, the page that loads when you open the browser, follow these simple steps.

  • Last month, Microsoft President Brad Smith said it’s time the US require both Google and Facebook to pay media outlets to link to their news articles, citing the threat of misinformation overtaking fact-based reporting.
  • This command tells Windows to install those default apps again.
  • Please note, there will be a slight delay between when a build is flighted and when Flight Hub is updated.
  • This can be a security risk as it provides useful information to a malicious user attempting to breach your computer.

Using an unauthenticated copy of Windows 10 is not a long-term solution, and it’s a bad idea for businesses, which can pay for extended updates. However, if you’re a Windows 7 home user, it gives you more time to decide what to do. Windows 10 is the best option for most ordinary Windows 7 users. Although it has some additional stuff, Windows 10 still has most of the features of Windows 7, and you can make it look much the same. It will run most, if not all, of your existing software, and you will have to do the least amount of relearning. Eventually, however, they’ll stop testing their browsers on Windows 7 because it’s expensive and will only serve a shrinking number of users.

Reasons Behind Photos App Crash In Windows 10:

See if there’s an update that needs to be installed and install it. If specific troubleshooters are being recommended to you on the Troubleshooter screen, you should run these as well as your device may have also detected other problems which need to be dealt with. This popular fix also works for fixing a number of bugs in other internet browsers as well.

This is a quick follow-up message to check if you’re now able to login to Outlook. We’ve explained that if you’re trying to access Outlook the issue could be due to a problem with the Outlook server, your browser, account, network connection, or device. @__Faraz @AScf90 Same issue has been happening with me on Outlook. @Lisa_Cooper91 @Angel_Devil982 I’ve had weird things happen in Outlook in my work environment . Pressed send, e-mail was still on my screen and when I tried pressing send again, I would just get an error, saying the e-mail doesn’t exist. @Harvesterify @ericlaw hi, just upgraded to Windows 20H2 at work (domain-joined, then), and I’m facing this exact issue (and I’m fully up-to date, as you can imagine).

Method 3 Reset Windows Store Cache

Over time the inside of your computer will accumulate dust and other debris. When the fans and other components are dirty, it may suffer performance problems and over-heating issues. In the Programs menu find the program you would like to uninstall. You may have also installed programs in the past that you no longer need. Removing unnecessary or unneeded programs will free up disk space and system resources.

However, you can access Google News from your web browser so it effectively has a desktop app. Google News is also the easiest to use when you want to block a news service. Say you have strong feelings about one venue or another and just can’t bear to see anything else from them. The first time you see a story in Google News from them, you can tap to bring up preferences and choose Hide stories, for instance. The three technology giants each want you to read the news through their own app but each have different advantages — and take different approaches. AppleInsider helps you decide between the big-three for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Yes, there is Linux, Unix, and a few Macs out there providing those services.

Ways To Make Windows 10 Faster And Improve Performance