How To Read Stock Charts In 2021

That’s a key way to determine which feels more comfortable for you. Deciding which stock chart type to use all comes down to a matter of personal preference. The line chart is probably the most basic way to view a stock price on a chart. The price is plotted at certain points at certain times on the chart. Alas, life is never that easy, and showing this in retrospect does mean we benefit from hindsight.

  • For example, if the stock price is $1 and the volume is 5,000, that means only $5000 of stocks is traded in a single day; that is simply not for a fair and equitable market.
  • 73% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider.
  • The style’s name refers to the way each time period is represented by a rectangle with lines coming out of the top and the bottom.
  • The y-axis shows prices in dollars, while the x-axis shows how much time has passed in the chosen period.
  • It will also allow you to get more comfortable with the stock market, in general.
  • Based on how they act, you’ll know if it’s time to buy, sell or just sit tight.

The biggest advantage of this book is how complex concepts are broken into simple and easy ones. How to Make Money in Stocks by William Cryptocurrency O’Neil is a classic work on technical analysis. O’Neil was the founder of a popular investment publication Investor’s Business Daily.

Fibonacci Stock Chart Indicator

The last price traded during the time frame is the close, and is indicated by either the bottom or top of the body. The top of the wick that occurs above the body of a candlestick indicates the highest price traded during the time frame. Ticker – this is the symbol that the company obtained when filing to go public and is what is used when pulling up charts on a trading platform. In this example AAPL is the ticker used for the company Apple Inc. The green vertical bars on the bottom of the chart represent volume, or the amount of shares traded during a day. You can see some days are more active than others and will have higher volume bars.

You can probably figure out on your own that a “death cross” isn’t considered to bode well for a stock’s future price movement. Low volume trading on Down Days – This is also a bullish indication since it indicates that on days when the stock’s price falls back a bit, not many investors are involved in the trading. Therefore, such down days occurring in an overall bull market are commonly interpreted as temporary retracements or corrections rather than as indicators of future significant price movement. You should choose the chart style that makes it easiest for you to read and analyze the chart, and trade profitably.


The bid is the highest price an investor is willing to pay for a stock. If you see, for example, $124.61 as the bid, investors are currently willing to buy the stock at a price of $124.61 per share. The ask, on the other hand, is the lowest price an investor is willing to sell a stock for. If you see an ask of $124.65, sellers are currently selling for $124.65 per share. The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only.

The fact is, flipping penny stocks is harder than most will admit. No, they aren’t “bad” but you should understand that you may need to do a bit more research before buying them. Understand what the company does, when it last released news, is there a business plan and a clear end game. Things like this can help you sift through the best penny stocks to buy and ones to avoid.

Please be aware that sometimes MACD does not tell you anything about a stock, but it does in many cases. As always, if the indicators tell you nothing, there is probably nothing to be told; move on and look for other stocks. Review the chart, and read below the 5 key points explaining usage. Divergences are one of the most powerful ways to use most indicators. It is a leading indicator, as opposed to Moving Averages, which are lagging, and can thus indicate future directional changes. and can be used to predict future trend changes using positive or negative divergences compared to price.

Gaps In Stock Chart Patterns

Technical analysis is a form of investment valuation that analyses past prices to predict future price action. Robinhood is the broker for traders who want a simple, easy-to-understand layout without all the bells and whistles other brokers offer. Though its trading options and account types are limited, even an absolute beginner can quickly master Robinhood’s intuitive and streamlined platform.

Overall, this book is complex and not easily understandable even for traders. However, it is a top read for those who wish to learn stock market behaviors. Today, the second edition of the classic bestseller Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns is available. In this new edition, forex trading training Bulkowski has revised, expanded, and updated the information regarding the technical analysis. The New edition includes new performance statistics of both bullish and bearish markets, 23 new patterns, and a whole second section regarding ten event patterns.

Stock Market Investing: How To Conduct A Chart Analysis

Get the right trading account that supports the selected type of security (e.g., common stock, penny stock, futures, options, etc.). It should offer the required functionality for tracking and monitoring the selected technical indicators while keeping costs low to avoid eating into profits. For the above strategy, a basic forex trading account with moving averages on candlestick charts would work. The first step is to identify a strategy or develop a trading system. For example, a novice trader may decide to follow a moving average crossover strategy, where they will track two moving averages (50-day and 200-day) on a particular stock price movement.

Traders already familiar with the basic concepts of technical analysis may find themselves enjoying this deep dive into the world of chart patterns. This complete encyclopedia is a 1000-page behemoth of a reference guide, featuring over 60 different patterns. Traders looking for a book with a little more meat on its bones will learn a lot from author Steve Achelis.

Watch this short video to learn more about reading these types of charts. This should be pretty obvious, but a good bit of the information you can glean from a stock chart can be found in the trend line. close, or previous close, is the price at which the stock closed the previous day .


The ability to read stock charts is a very fundamental skill that you’ll develop and refine throughout your entire trading career. One common approach is to only buy stocks that are above the moving average or if the moving average is pointing up. So you would only buy or trade a stock when the price is moving higher. On a bar or candlestick chart, the open, high, low, and close will be shown for a specific period of time (such as a five-minute period).

In this diagram, we see that a Triple Top’s accuracy is more than that of a Single Top. People who use market profile charts become evangelists to the cause. They believe it offers unique insights into buy and sell opportunities. Not statistical arbitrage all stock charting packages offer this type of indicator. Used widely in Japan and gaining a strong foothold in the rest of the world, the Japanese Candlestick chart gives an excellent insight into current and future price movements.

There are many ardent investors who follower the Fibonacci principles almost religiously across the globe. Indeed, when you take a close look at applying top forex brokers these scientific observations, you may be compelled to take them seriously. Here we see a strong decline in price for the rest of 2008 until November.

Look here to see the stock price chart for AT&T on Yahoo Finance. Earnings per share is an important figure for any stock stock charts for dummies quote. We can see that the number we calculated (2.367) is roughly equal to the 2.37 listed on the stock quote.

stock charts for dummies

I did not; this was a stock in my watchlist and indeed bought based on this lesson. As you can see, the dates are up to the end of January 2009 in this historical example. The trick with MACD is to look at the trend; it is a powerful indicator when comparing the direction of the MACD Mountains with the Price Movement.

The stock here increases from $20 to $38 in the following 3 months, a 90% increase, but how would we know this was about to happen. However, here we see a monster “Blow off Top,” the huge red Spike; this is a powerful sign to sell as soon as possible. Focus on the moving average lines crossing each other and the price crossing up or down through forex trading training the moving average lines. Of course, you can backtest the moving averages to see if they work on a previous timeline . Use them as a minimum indicator to help you envisage when a stock will move in your favor or move against you. Moving averages are the staple diet of any chart reader and enable you to visualize changes in price trends.

stock charts for dummies

It may go from green to red, for example, if the current price was above the open price but then drops below it. He is a professional financial trader in a variety of European, U.S., and Asian markets. Trent Hamm founded The Simple Dollar in 2006 and still writes a daily column on personal finance. What these three things point you towards are signs that something has changed in the company – something that might violate the reasons you own the stock. As I’ve said many times, you should only own an individual stock if you have a specific reason for doing so. Their product has some sort of inherent advantage over the competition.

Configure Your Stock Chart

Volume is important, and reading it should become second nature. When searching for winning stocks, we ideally should look for stocks with increased volume, so we have more chance of a quicker, less risky win. Here we see massive buying; the volume goes through the roof. Important to note here is we are comparing volume for the stock in comparison to its history. This is the second biggest volume surge of the year for Netflix and is significant. Continuation patterns occur during a price move and are visual representations of consolidation or periods of rest before the price continues its trend, be that upwards or downwards.