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And what about other themes like movies, animals…? Think you can challenge him online for free? The genie will try to guess who you are thinking of.

Saying just “dad jokes” or “one more” after the first joke did not work for me. Dad jokes and similar apps bring another bot to the conversation and that bot leaves as soon as the message is delivered. This could be why we are not able to have a continued conversation here. My friend sent this to me so I tried it and it worked for me. Let’s play the akinator then return to this opinion site and let me know what you think. He got mine wrong but with 4 additional questions he got it right.

Nomura Says Ffvii The First Soldier Will Appeal To Other Fanbases

We then tried doing Barak Obama as a comparison, and as expected , the line of questioning and the photo were respectful. We tried Adolph Hitler as well — also completely respectful. Thanks, app developers, for trying to influence how my kid thinks instead of just providing a fun impartial game.

  • The next day, I had completely forgotten about Akinator until my friends brought it up.
  • But never assume Akinator as a usual game because the genie can and will read your mind.
  • The free app is a great time waster that sees you placed against a mind-reading genie named Akinator who will try to guess the character or guess the celebrity you’re thinking of.
  • You can tap on any word to instantly look it up.

First of all, check your internet connection to ensure that it working. This is because this guessing app needs a constant internet connection to work. If the app has frozen, just restart it before you continue playing. The app interface is not very different from its web interface. The main difference is that you wouldn’t have ads around the game when playing on the smartphone apps. After it has gathered enough clues, Akinator will guess your character.

Akinator Can Read Your Mind And Tell You What Character You Are Thinking About!

Since I can’t actually play the game, I can’t give it a good review. Please try to fix this, and I will then be able to give 5 stars. This is a really good game to play, It tests your knowledge and responds to your character your trying to guess , it’s an amazing game to play, I recommend to Akinator update apk play this game.